International Competition

Competition inscription are closed. Deadline for submission 4th June.




Promopaglia, in partnership with ESBG2017, is pleased to announce the launch of an international ideas competition, the first step of the project called “1000 Buildings X 1000 Municipalities“.

The following guidelines summarize the main steps and deadlines to partecipate at the competition.


Only requirement: less than 30 years!


Money award + Internship


International Panel


Deadline for submission 4th June


step 1)

Download here the complete competition document

English version

Italian version

Download here the site documentation

Documents project area

Pictures project area


step 2)

Payment (CLOSED)


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step 4)

Upload your board here, with

until 4th June)


step 5)

Control this page to know the winners (6th June)

good luck!


If I turn 30 this year, can I participate to the Competition?

Yes, you can! The competition is for students and young workers Under30, which means people that are 30 or less than 30. If you're born in the 1987 or after, you are welcome to join this project! If you're from the 1986, sorry, you're not Under30 anymore, but you can visit us and see the projects at the ESBG2017 in Venice from the 15th to the 19th of June!


If I participate in a group, how much should I pay for the Registration to the Competition?

The registration costs €50 per project submitted. 
If you participate as single, you have to pay €50 and so if you’re in a group: the group has to pay just the €50 fee for the Registration, no matter how many people is made of.


If my project wins, but I can't join the internship, what can I do?

Don't worry! If you're unable to join the 3months internship in the studios selected for you, you still remain the winner and you'll gain the award of €1.500, 00. About the internship, there’s either way the possibility to see your project realized; the winner will be followed and helped in implementing his project thanks to one of the studios selected using videoconferences consultations or reviewing meetings.


Can I partecipate with a group of people older than 30?

No, the competition has the aim to involve the young professionals or the students under 30 years old. 


How many drawings or reports can be delivered?

You have to provide only No.1 board in UNI A1 format, vertical orientation. The composition is free and you can fill your board with building plans, sections and elevations and all the drawings and materials that could help your project to win. The board must also include a descriptive abstract; no additional papers or boards are required or will be valuated. The project document must not be signed. 


Is the project location only restricted to the 46 square metres red area shown in the "PLANS.dwg" file?

No, the project area is delimited by the red line visible in the "Area_pictures.pdf" file; the red filled area in the "PLANS.dwg" file is the location suggested by the Municipality. Therefore you can put your building wherever you want inside the red boundary of the pdf file, if justified in your board.


Must the building have the same form as the 46sq rectangular shown in the "PLANS.dwg" file?

No, the form is completely free. So, It can be rectangular, square, round, etc.